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Why Communico Networking Just Works

Each January, I look ahead at the “industry events” calendar, picking my way through the dross and diarising the sometimes necessary “seen to be seen at” events as well as selecting those that I think will add true value to my professional ambitions. These enable me to meet with partners, clients and prospects and also genuinely broaden my knowledge of the latest products and services.

Some are simply shameless trade shows at large “event venues”, with speakers, panels, trade stands and a healthy dollop of corporate logos, others are parties or events that are tacked on to these to add some colour to otherwise fairly predictable and familiar events.

These corporate networking shows are a mainstay to many industries, but often provide little opportunity to work out what business we want to do and who we’d like to do it with. This is usually determined purely on our limited interactions and masked by our name badges and corporate identities.

So, I created Communico Networking as an informal, London based networking group, to bring together like-minded professionals from across the data centre, telecoms and cloud industries, to share knowledge, contacts and opportunity.

Ideally, business is done with people that we like, find some commonality with, and can form a productive relationship with beyond the project or transaction that we are working on.

I named it Communico as the word means to impart, share, partake, participate in, join, unite, add, link, connect, make common, bring into common use, which is everything we should strive to do as a broader community.

My hope is that everyone will feel part of this and help Communico to grow the events and community with relevant, interesting and mutually engaged professionals.

I look forward to watching this exciting community grow and meeting you at the next event!

Rob Cooper – Founder of Communico Networking