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Data Centre Marketing

In many ways data centre marketing is the same as marketing any product or service. The customer has a need, the vendor has an offering and the marketing part is about reaching those customers to make them aware that their need can be met with the product. All good so far.

But those of us in the data centre business probably realise that the challenge is much more complex than that. The “products” fall into many different categories from retail and wholesale colocation through to a much longer list of hardware, infrastructure, cabling, service and networking offerings.

The larger data centre vendors typically have very competent marketing departments that promote their brand as well as supporting their sales teams with quality collaterals and lead generation programmes. But for smaller companies these efforts can be much weaker and, in some cases, don’t exist at all.

This always surprises me because data centres are large and complex which results in correspondingly large sales transactions. If you add to that the shortage and cost of quality salespeople to find and close these opportunities then it really makes sense to ensure that there is effective marketing in place to maximise these efforts.

At Conscient we specialise in outsourced and agency marketing assistance for data centre and associated businesses. So, the Communico Networking events are a fantastic opportunity for us to meet new clients in an informal setting.

We see great value in sponsoring and supporting Communico and look forward to seeing the organisation grow to be a real focal point for our industry.

Nigel Stevens, CEO, Conscient